Director Tohjiro story

In December 1999, Ganari Takahashi (then-CEO at Soft On Demand) instituted a year-long ban on Tohjiro that prevented him from producing any porn for SOD. He ordered Tohjiro to 'go away and fix your porn-addicted brain! Your recent movies have lost their edge!”However, during that time, Tohjiro ploughed his talent into other genres, directing some cell-cinema ('Nana - Naked Young In-Keeper') and image videos (Front, Kurumi - Back, Kurumi}. His porn comeback was accompanied by a grand statement: 'I'm going to start a revolution at SOD!” declared Tohjiro. All the pent-up frustrations (both sexual and creative) that had built up during his hiatus exploded, culminating in the February 2001 formation of the Dogma label. The label separated from the SOD group a year later becoming fully-independent.

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