What started out as a fun thing to do each week, meet up with the homies and talk about cars became a full out crew. The Lowballers was bright to fruition one night while having tea and charging the camera. Being in the streetwear industry for sometime now and doing marketing for various shops and brands I became intuned with the car community and culture. After the shop becomes a world full of car talk, parts, bullshitting, critiquing others and whats next for the ride. After living the lifestyle for a year, I met a group of people who share the same interest and are like minded. Just like the streetwear industry you meet a lot of people who help you get in contact with others. I take my lessons and I apply it to whatever I do. I am glad I met these people who are on the same track. With the Lowballers I wanted to have a variety of cars and not just one make with the exception of the Lexus's hahaha. I have met a lot of people who have helped me on this new journey, some have been bad and some good. But thats how it works. Lessons learned, experiences had. Take it and apply it. Cruising with the crew is a feeling like no other. Taking over the roads with the windows rolled down bumping some dope songs while bystanders and other drivers look in awe as we roll by...Damn it's priceless... Anyway watch out for the LOWBALLERS we are growing everyday from SF TO NYC...Get fucked!

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