Sparks fly

People come and go in life. Its a matter of who it is and what they are. Some hang on and some others let go and move on. All throughout my years I came to learn how to handle things. I learned that differences and opinions flare up and can turn bad. But I also learned that these disagreements can make a friendship stronger. One person has a point of view and another person has his/her own and it sometimes doesn't match. The person who I am today is an outcome of the past. Every little knick and speedbump in life you learn from it, take it, and become a better person. I do not think negative on certain situation even if it means personal matters. I just think of it as growing pains. All good things must come to an end as they say...But do they really? I guess it depends on certain situations or so. Change is hard, but change can be a prosperous thing as well. You can never dwell on the past as it will weigh you down. I can only move forward on this road of life and do my best to fix that flat tire when it happens, while having a good spirit in doing so.

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