On the grind

It has been another busy week for me, but its a good thing. I have been balancing out work and school. Lately I have been going to the UNLV library after work to study and keep up with my classes. Turns out to be not bad at all. The laziness feeling has gone away and im going to keep on focusing. Mind over matter. The more you accomplish shit the better you will feel at the end of the day. There are many things that are going on for me that have been an outcome of playing the cards right and I must keep going in the right direction. But will always remember to not lose focus and steer in the wrong direction. Live it and keep going and going ( no pun intended to the energizer bunny..lol ) Vegas does something to you. Im taking my stay here as lessons in life and learn everything I can everyday so when I do get out of here I'll be prepared... I think..hahaha

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