Entrepreneurial porn director, Kazuhiko Matsumoto came up with the concept of M-Vision especially for D-1. No gimmicks, just erotic imagery. Crystal-clear pictures of pussies and faces captured using a specially-devised shooting technique. Aya's abnormal sexuality is revealed in all its glory as she fucks some ugly guy. Ayaka Sasaki's hazardous bukkake masturbation. Hikaru Hozuki gets banged violently by a black man. Kaori Manaka is subjected to incessant nakadashi-fucking. See the cunts of all 60 girls who participated in the audition, all shot in the same way, using M-vision. 60 pussies: big and small, pink and dark - all useful specimens for sexual research. Enjoy the astounding power of M-vision! An incredibly well-packaged piece of porn product.

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