Another week

Magic came last week. I don't look forward to this week. Magic has fell off for the past shows. Every time there is less and less people coming. And it always falls on the date the new semester for school starts. The only thing good about it is that I see all the people I communicate with thru Ichat convos and emails. Nice to talk to people outside of Vegas. From girls, blogs, bullshit, food, etc...

Haven't seen Eugene in awhile I picked them up from the airport on Sunday Along with the other crew Luis and Eric. Good seeing you again my Hong Kong friend.

The guys from Caliroots

Frank the butcher from Concepts in Boston. Enough said.


Christian and Aaron from 412 Shop in Pittsburgh.

Pogi from Japan!! This dude is so nice and awesome. Always a pleasure seeing him.

The guys from MackDaddy from japan!

Ric from Taiwan he owns the shop, Phantaci

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