YES! I found out the name of the type of japanese girls I like. Light brown hair is the way to go with girls. Damn they should dedicate a whole porn company to Koakuma-kei type girls. Yum fucking y! Below is a description of these girls:

As the popularity increases for the fashion magazine,"Koakuma-ageha," which was established in 2006 targeting young female audience, a new mode of fashion, Koakuma-kei (directly translated into girls like tempting devil) is becoming the hottest new fad.

Girls who like to dress up in dreamy princess-like dresses sometimes belong to this new style since their outfits often resemble the koakuma fashion. However, these girls are known as "yoru-hime," which means a night princess in Japanese.

The Koakuma-ageha magazine promotes a fashion style that of kyaba-kura jo (professional hostesses) who are notorious for being beautiful divas. By mimicking this diva fashion, women in their teens and twenties can also feel confident, gorgeous, and most of all, very sexy.

These kyabakura-ladies work all night, thus only time they have to shop is early morning after work. As easily imagined, most stores are closed at that time. Only shops open are 24-hour-convenience stores and Don Quijote. But these ladies are determined to look beautiful though their supplies are limited. They know what it takes to look amazing with what they have. For example. they love glossy, shiny make-ups with layered fake eyelashes. The ladies have developed new techniques to put a few fake lashes on top of each other to create glamorous look.

As a result of this new trend, more and more young women have started to shop cosmetics at Don Quijote. In fact, Don Quijote Shinjuku East Exit Store has expanded its cosmetic space to meet an increasing demand.

The major characteristics of Koakuma style is to have fully curled high lighted brown hair coordinated with animal printed or flashy vivid colored outfits and sexy black laced panty hose, designer's brand accessories, and high heels.

Oh and they listen to this. I love this shit. my guilty pleasure


Steven® said...


noticed you have a penchant for japanese porn. well, there you go if you don't know about it already. i enjoy the blog and i'll probably see you in vegas in a few weeks. peace

mega said...

don quijote is like the japanese walmart but 30x better, they got a huge porn section and they sell some nice kicks. not to mention they don't card when you buy alcohol!

Burn said...

Donki is the shit for this exact reason...we lurked outside of that place for hours after the bars/clubs. You gotta go with us next time.

Neek said...

I am down!