I take this freeway more than ever now. Today has been a driving day from one side of Vegas to the other. I drove more than 300 miles today just running around. Maybe I am over exaggerating but it felt like it. I finally got the tools to take of my wheels on the XB and it turns out that I have a nail in the rear driver side tire. Taking it somewhere to get it fixed. My coilovers came in today, I checked UPS and it said it was here in Vegas july 4th Since I knew there is no delivers over the weekend I expected it to come today. As the day rolled thru Still no box. Finally around 7pm It came. What the fuck ups. Mad late. The rest of the day I relaxed and chilled over at Paolo's new house.my friend Rocky from Shanghai is in Vegas and it turned out he was staying across the street. Crazed

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