Wait hang on, im still going to see you guys anyway. haha. It was like yesterday I met Joe and Sas, its weird that its been couple of years even that. What Vegas is to the rest of the cities in the USA is different. People come and go, and the best people are transplants from other cities or countries. Back in high school I wanted to meet a group of people with the same mindset as myself. I just wanted to get the fuck out of high school and people the same age as me. I am 20 this year and I like to be surrounded with older crowds. much wiser much mature. Joe and Sas and their Shop House of Commons brought Vegas culture. A little culture we didnt have, as shops come and go they made a impact in Las Vegas. Community oriented it is what other shops lack. It brought a bunch of awesome kids together, which I never knew Vegas had. Slowly one by one Vegas people who know what is going on is leaving this city. Into a ghost town.

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Eugene Kan said...

Wait what? Sas and Joe are leaving LV? Where are they going?

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