Weather Tension

Ironic. Why the fuck does the weather change every single day. I wake up into a nice sunny calm day. Pull my windows down half way peeking thru my limo tint and sunny skies while listening to random shit I put on. As I dodge potholes and dips on the road I get tense inside. Tension is everywhere as the weather changes in Las Vegas. One must look at things another way. Maybe one plan doesn't work but ease up and take a step back. Its hard when you have pressure pressing against your back everyday and not enjoy the daily things. In the end you break down and have nothing to offer. Or maybe you did. But that whole time you did not enjoy the things you do. Sure there are times when you have to be a certain way. It is what it is. But in the end Its you that you are pleasing. ( I still need to learn that as well). For now my happiness is my car, I find myself starring at it everyday Once I get out to it. I get in a trance and vision many things. Until I find a japanese girl. Still. Fuck. Shit.

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