New Xb pics

Went out today and took some pics of the Ride. I went with my friend Eric who has a GTI. I will post his pictures tomorrow. This swine breakout is freaking me out because I have a sore throat and runny nose at the moment. Fuck. Maybe its just the weather. Anyway my car is mad low now, The way I like it. There was a can of sprite on the road and my car dragged it for a little, I had to stop and reversed to get it out. I love this shit. Not to sure what to do next. I want boso exhaust tho!

+ By the way anyone give me advice on tires? I need bigger tires to fill the finger gap I have right now, It is because my tires are way small. I run 205/40/16 currently. Which tire size should I get?


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what width and offset are your wheels? and what type of suspension are you using to lower the xB? like the wheel style!