So I finally got some wheels. My friend Del from BBSQUAD hit me up selling his Work wheels. I jumped onto the opportunity and got them. We installed them today and I can not be more happier. In a few weeks when my Tanabe springs settle. We will cut them to make the car lower, But right now it is low already its crazy. After we got done, we drove to chinatown and I scraped on the speed bumps already. Ouch, I have to be careful now!



Cutting the bumpstops


Compressing springs.


arby says said...

Kenny Filter is one of my good good friends back in socal. We're on the Doods / Phase2 crew back here. i see youre rockin the led sleds like him now. looks good neek


Neek said...

word, he just moved here from Vegas. Been hanging out with him a lot.