Updated photos

I actually took photos today. Suppose to be I was going to clean my room, but when you least expect it you get an email to do a shoot. So I had to take photos of the shops today for a website. Youll see it soon. Anyways, I am on spring break, no school for a week. My mind is all over the place. I think that DUBSTEP is going to take over. I want to mix DUBSTEP tracks. That is if my friend lets me over and use his. If your reading this please do mind that I am coming over soon. Tomorrow I am going to order my lowering springs for my XB. Next week I hope the wheels I am getting are going to fit. I cant tell you guys what I am getting just yet. The anticipation is killing me.

DUBSTEP is my shit right now, I am wobbling dark and grimey tunes in my car, my speakers are about to blow as the bassline rumbles throughout the car. I am speaking now that DUBSTEP is the next shit. Mark my words. Read my lips.

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Anonymous said...

please dont let dubstep become a hipster thing :(