On the desk

5K H.I.D + Hot fries + Kit kat. Today I had a exam for Poly sci class. I went to the library to do my research for the class and got 10 pages done and completed, But that night I get a text from a classmate saying what we needed for the exam the next day. To my surprise I forgot about the exam. But today once I got the test I wrote until my hands couldnt write anymore. All the material is in my head and once I start I can not stop. I have a good feeling I did well, I hope I did good on it. In other news I need to go lower on my Xb. Soon I hope. And where the fuck are japanese girls? Ill take a chinese girl for now I have been seeing a lot of chinese girls walking around. Lurk time!

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Anonymous said...

sup neek, remember me? jared from san jose, i met you when i came up there for my boys art show, i went to HS with joe. anyway, cool picture, that shit brought me back cuz those are the original hot fries. haha anyway, keep on keepin on.