Sky & Dj Neil Armstrong

Magic week always starts when Someone is in town. This time Sky ( Riottt, FlightClub) was the first person I picked up at the airport. He was with the legendary Dj Neil Armstrong.

Sky rode my bike.

What scene is this? Hipster bike, juggling Coraline dunks and red wings...

Went to Mandalay bay and to see Neil's Penthouse suite.

Sky and Neil just got back from Brazil and they had a stop over in Washington DC. They went to the smithsonian museum and bought these space snacks. I tried the ice cream expecting for it to be cold. I guess its just the flavor factore of it I guess.

A glimpse into Neil's luggage

After we went to eat at Red, White, and Blue at the Mandalay Bay with Sky's Cousins. Thanks again Neil!

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