Jei Morris

Let me introuce to you, Jei. Jei is a good friend and works with me at Stussy. He has a long list of shops he has worked for in a short period of time. Union LA, Fruition LV, Undftd LV, and now Stussy. A very visual and articulate person. Everytime we talk it feels like fresh air, from this whole culture to other things, he knows whats up and I highly respect that. We frequently go to Japanese restuarants and talk about creative ideas after the store. It is non stop thinking of ideas for us. Be on the lookout for Jei in the comming year. You will be hearing more about him. On the side note. It was his Birthday today and friends and family gathered in a japanese Resturant here in Las Vegas called Osaka.


I ordered boneless spicy chicken.

Tenpura Ice cream. Really good.

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